Up-cycled Quilt

Its no secret that I love to thrift shop. I will take any excuse to go thrift shopping. It feels like Christmas morning and treasure hunting all wrapped up together.

Lately I have had my sights set on fabrics that are appealing no matter what form they come in. I’ve been hoarding sheets, pillow cases, curtains and even men’s dress shirts to upcycle them into something new. I check to make sure the fabric is in decent condition and a good quality fabric like cotton or linen and then in the cart it goes. I’ve got big plans for future projects that I will be sharing on the blog, but todays focus is one I finished up this weekend.

In just one day I was able to put together the coziest quilt I’ve ever owned. I was determined to get it done in one day so that I could sleep under it Sunday night. I was grinning ear to ear curling up under it to go to sleep.

The entire quilt was made using upcycled fabrics which makes it feel extra special.

I don’t have a pattern for you today because I didn’t actually use a pattern to make it. I just cut and sewed the fabric into different shaped blocks until I had a finished quilt top. Then I sewed in the batting and added a thrifted sheet to the back. This was my first full sized quilt and only the second quilt I’ve ever made and I’m completely hooked already. I’m already planning future quilts and collecting fabrics for them.

Before starting this one I actually started a puff quilt, but that one is taking a lot longer to come together. I have a specific vision in mind for it and it’s going to take a while to thrift all the fabrics I need to make a king sized blanket made up of 3 inch squares. If my math is correct (which it usually isn’t lol) then I need 1,120 squares and I’m somewhere between 200-300 squares last I counted.

Lo and behold stitchery is my inspiration for my puff quilt. You can find a free pattern on her blog as well.

Expect to see this quilt in a lot of future posts! If anyone needs me I will be curled up under it with a good book and a cup off coffee.

Check out this playlist I made for cozy quilt reading. Perfect for rainy days, slow summer days, winter snuggles and everything in between.

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