Spooky Halloween S’mores!

These spooky Halloween s’mores were so much fun to make and of course super yummy! We ate so many that we all had tummy aches. (Thank goodness for our tummygize oil.) I spent two full days experimenting with homemade marshmallows and used these Halloween cookie cutters from Target to cut them into the shapes of ghosts, pumpkins, bats and stars. To get the marshmallow recipe and read all about the ups and downs I had with making them click here.

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Making s’mores is such a fun tradition. There is nothing better than seeing kids laughing while trying to bite through layers of graham crackers and chocolate with gooey marshmallow oozing out the sides. It totally makes the sticky mess and sugar rush worth it! We like to go old school and find sticks to use to hold the marshmallows over the fire. I remember my older brother and I as kids searching to find the perfect sticks.

To make these s’mores we used organic graham crackers from Annie’s and gluten free graham crackers from kinnikinnick. The chocolate was a mix of Hershey’s bars and Enjoy life non dairy chocolate. I ordered most of the ingredients from Thrive Market, but you can purchase them at your local grocery store or on Amazon. For the marshmallows I used our homemade marshmallows, but my favorite store bought brand is Dandies. Comment below how you like your marshmallows. Are you someone that likes them burnt to a crisp or lightly toasted? Personally I like my marshmallows warm and soft on the inside with a little bit of brown crispiness on the outside.

I try to do as much of my organic shopping as possible through Thrive market because it saves me 25-50% off retail prices on 6,000+ organic, non-GMO, and sustainable products. I use Thrive Market for things like coconut aminosalmond butter, dulse granules, hemp seeds, etc. Shop here.

To make these even more fun you can add:
Sprinkles (I like these ones.)
Candy Eyes
Chocolate graham crackers
Peanut butter cups instead of
White chocolate bars

Shop the image

Cookie Cutters
Dish Towels (Dollar Spot) (here is a similar one on Amazon if you can’t find them at your Target’s dollar spot.)
Star Cookie Cutter and Spatula (Dollar Spot) ( Here is a set of star cookie cutters and here is a similar spatula)
Spooky Napkins ( I bought these at our local grocery store, but here are some other options 3-Pack, Cute ghosts and pumpkins, Spider Web, Pink Hey Boo
Googly Eyes
Spider Web

If you don’t have a fire pit or perhaps you are living in an apartment you can still enjoy s’mores! Just get yourself one of these campfire candles. Simply put the lid back on to extinguish. The only down side is the short burn time but you if you use it to make s’mores and then put it back out it can last a long time! Grab one here.

Make sure to wear some fun Halloween pajamas while you enjoy your s’mores!

Below are some of my favorite this year.

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  1. These Halloween themed smores are so cute! I like the Dandies marshmallows too, but the homemade sound amazing! Our local Costco has had the Annie’s graham crackers in a big box, which is great because my kids love them!

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