Eco Friendly Valentine’s Gift List

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love! This is such a beautiful thing to me. However, I don’t love all the consumerism and waste that comes from the holiday. I believe there is a way to share and celebrate your love while also loving and protecting mother earth. I wanted to put together a quick list of ideas for gifting that are thoughtful and eco-friendly!

Classes or Membership

A fun experience gift idea is to give them a membership they would enjoy or sign them up for some classes they have been interested in. Have they always said they wanted to learn pottery, but never made the time? Do they always talk about how they wish they knew how to dance? So many classes could even be done as a couple. Take a cooking class together! Learn to swing dance, kickbox, learn another language and practice together. This is an opportunity to show them how much you pay attention to their interests.

Is there a subscription to something they love that you can sign them up for? I once signed Calvin up for a coffee subscription to Black Rifle Coffee. They are a veteran owned company so that made it an extra special gift. There are subscriptions for just about everything these days. Favorite snacks, beauty products, spa packages, tea, heck we even get our toilet paper on a subscription from Who Gives A Crap. (Not that toilet papers is necessarily the best idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, but hey I’m not here to judge your relationship if it is. Lol.)

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Date Night

This one is kind of obvious. Instead of giving a gift, plan out a beautiful and thoughtful evening. Quality time spent together can be a gift in itself. Plan to go see a concert you know your loved one has been dying to see, or an art exhibit you know they would enjoy.

My favorite date Calvin ever planned for us was a beautiful night spent sleeping under the stars in the bed of my pick up truck. (I still miss that green ranger!) That night cost $0 (except for some snacks of course) and we woke up to the sun rising and the smell of spring air. It was perfect!

You know your significant other best, so plan a night with them that they will love and that will be a gift in itself.

Hand Made Gifts

Everyone loves a gift that is made with love. Put your skills to work and make them something they will treasure forever! Are you into wood working? Make them a shelf for their plants, makeup, essential oils, books or anything else they like to display.

Are you a knitter/crocheter? There are many options for things you can make here! Even cute little baby yoda’s like this one here. Make them a clay cast of your hand to display jewelry on. Paint a flower pot and put a plant in it. Make them a scrapbook of your memories.

Get creative!

Photo by Foundry

Boudoir Photoshoot

I love this idea! I am all about body positivity so I think this is an incredible way to feel beautiful and confident in your skin. Your significant other will be very happy with this gift as well. *wink wink* This is an intimate gift that you both can enjoy for years. Of course it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is something you are comfortable with then go for it!

Couples Photos

If boudoir photos aren’t your style, a fun alternative is to get couples photos taken. Selfies are fun and all, but its also really lovely to have photos professionally taken to look back on. A good photographer can really capture your love and personalities in a way that selfies can’t. (Our photographer does an incredible job of this. She is probably going to read this so…love you girl! Thanks for all the memories you’ve captured for us!)

Potted Plant

While fresh cut flowers are beautiful and thoughtful, they don’t last forever. Consider giving a potted plant instead. Potted plants can live for YEARS! I still have plants that I have had since Calvin and I began dating 5 years ago. You can make it a tradition to add a new plant each year! Bonus Points for finding a beautiful pot for it and/or a macrame hanger! A Hoya Kerri is even shaped like a heart! View one here.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite

Edible Gifts

Who doesn’t love the gift of food? I know I sure do! (For the first 2 years of our relationship, Calvin bought me my favorite Chinese food as a peace offering to every fight.) There are lots of options for an edible gift! Buy some bulk tea and gift it in a new mug. (Bonus points if the mug was made by a local artist or a small shop online. I personally LOVE Gemini Spirit Pottery found here and Sea Goat Ceramics found here. Check etsy for other creators!)

You could also make heart shaped cookies, brownies, pancakes or I’ve even seen donuts and rice krispie treats made into the shape of a heart! Basically just turn your loved ones favorite food or treat into a heart and your are golden!

Something they need

My last suggestion is one of the best gifts you can give someone: something that they actually need! They are guaranteed to use it, you know they will enjoy it and it shows how much you pay attention!

Hopefully you found some inspiration here for a gift that your sweetheart (and the environment) will be sure to love!

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