Christmas Sensory Bin

I am stepping up my “mom game” this holiday season by incorporating tons of themed activities. Sensory bins are a perfect way to create themed play, and no child can resist the urge to dig there hands into one. I’m willing to bet most adults wouldn’t even be able to resist the urge to play with one if given the opportunity. (I know I can’t help myself!) Sensory bins draw them in and keep their little minds occupied for long periods of time as they scoop, mix and explore. In this post I am showing you a bin I put together for Lilly that is as festive as it is fun!

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For this bin I bought supplies from our local craft store. I bought a pack of feathers and picked out the red and green ones, some jingle bells, some foam sticker packs and some tiny craft presents.

Here is the cost breakdown
Feathers : $2.49
Jingle Bells : $2.99
Presents : $2.99
Foam Stickers (2 Packs) : $2.00
Rice : $9.64
Tote : $6.99

Total: $27.10

Note: This particular sensory bin cost me more because it was our first bin and I had to buy the rice and the tote. This is a one time expense though as you can use them for future bins. The rice we bought came in a HUGE bag from Sam’s Club. We only used a small amount for this bin and the rest of the bag will be used for meals. You can purchase a much smaller bag and it will cost even less. I bought my tote from target for $7. I linked it for you here. So with that said the cost for this set up would really only be $10.47 if I had already had rice and a tote.

Sensory bins don’t have to be very elaborate. They can be as simple as some measuring cups and some rice. There are endless options for creating a sensory bin! (That’s part of what makes them so fun! They can be very inexpensive, are easy to set up and clean up, and will keep your little one entertained while they are learning important skills.

I’ll be honest, I was very hesitant to enter the world of sensory bins for fear of the messes I would have to clean up. Then I saw busy toddler’s brilliant suggestion of adding a towel underneath the bin. So I decided it was time to give sensory bins a try, and what better time is there than the most magical time of year!

It was so easy to set up. I grabbed a couple of items from around the house (measuring cup, bowl and a spoon) and tossed them in with the rice and the other supplies. It was literally that simple! As soon as Lilly saw it she immediately ran over to it and started scooping rice and investigating all the little trinkets. She was entertained for an hour before I decided to put it away because she was getting a little wild with the rice. (Good thing the towel was there.) I will definitely be making more!

Add in a few drops of essential oils to make the experience even more magical and appeal to more senses! Here I used Northern Lights Black Spruce (one of my absolute favorite oils.) Grab your oils here.

I hope you find the inspiration here to dive into the world of sensory bins. I would love to see the bins you are creating! Make sure to share them with me on Facebook and Instagram. Have fun playing and thanks for stopping by!