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I thought it would be fun to put together a list of stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers..and I was right! I did have a lot of fun coming up with this list, that I believe is practical and kids will love! I’m personally not a fan of items that will be played with for a few minutes and then tossed aside. These kinds of items get thrown away quickly and are wasteful. I wanted to come up with a list of items that I believe will provide real value and get lots of love and use out of them!

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  1. Honey Sticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons – Crayons! My daughter LOVES to color. You could add paint, markers, colored pencils or chalk too! Kids love to get creative so these are definitely going to be a hit!
  2. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna – Baby Doll. This would be an especially great gift for a child expecting a new sibling, but I think most kids enjoy taking care of a baby doll. There are so many options to choose from too! Melissa & Doug even has a twin set you can find here.
  3. 2 Pack Christmas Lift-a-Flap Board Books (Chunky Lift a Flap)  – Books!! I believe that you can never have too many books. They add so much value and learning. There are lots of fun Christmas books or you could get one featuring their favorite topic!
  4. Puracy Natural Baby Bubble Bath – Bubble Bath. My daughter loves to take baths so bubble bath would be so exciting to her! Its the perfect size to fit in a stocking and it will actually get used! What kid doesn’t like taking a bubble bath??
  5. Honeysticks Beeswax Bath Tub Crayons – Tub Crayons. Another fun option for children that love to take baths. Kids love to draw and experiment. These will be a huge hit and it washes right off!
  6. Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble Wands – Bubbles. I’ve never met a child that didn’t like playing with bubbles so, of course, I had to add them to the list! These slim tubes fit perfectly in stockings. Bubbles are a great way to get outside and play even if the weather is chilly!
  7. Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Magnets – Magnets. My daughter loves playing with our fridge magnets. She carries them all over the house trying to stick them on stuff! There are lots to choose from like these fun animal magnets or you could get traditional letter magnets like these here.
  8. HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs – Snacks. Why not add their favorite snack? You already know they will be excited to enjoy it! My daughter loves these Chickpea Puffs by HIPPEAS. She would be happy if all she got for Christmas was a bag of these!
  9. Stainless Steel Cups for Kids & Toddlers by Cupkin – Cup. This is something that would definitely get a lot of use! You could even personalize it by adding their name. Gifts don’t always have to be toys!
  10. Slumberkins Holiday Trio Set – Stuffed animal. My daughter loves all things fluffy. (This includes our dogs or any other animal that comes within eye sight of her.) She loves to carry all her stuffed animals around from room to room with her. I love these Slumberkins snugglers because they come with beautiful books on handling emotions.
  11. Bamboo Vegan Toothbrush the Humble Co. – Toothbrush. I know this one sounds kind of silly, but my daughter LOVES to brush her teeth. She carries her toothbrush around the house brushing her teeth for as long as we will let her. I’m willing to bet she isn’t the only kid that enjoys brushing their teeth either! This is a practical gift that is promoting healthy habits too! And, hey, you were going to buy one anyway!
  12. Crayola Baby Shark Coloring Pages, Color Wonder, Mess Free Coloring – Magic Markers/ Coloring books. There are lots of options for mess free coloring books with all kinds of themes! These are great to take with you too restaurants or in the car. My daughter loves these books.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for what to put in your toddlers stocking! I’d love to hear what you are putting in yours. Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

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