Christmas Bucket List

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This year I am determined to have the best, most Christmas-y Christmas EVER. That’s why I created this Christmas bucket list with all the things that I think make Christmas extra special! Things like drinking warm hot chocolate, singing along to Michael Bublé, baking cookies and wearing matching holiday pajamas! (See my post here for all my favorite toddler holiday pajamas this year.)

This is Lilly’s second Christmas. Last year she was 7 months old so I am excited that this year she is going to have a little more understanding about what is going on. I’m am looking forward to doing all kinds of fun Christmas projects with her, baking yummy Christmas treats and taking her to see Christmas lights! I want to make sure that she has fond memories of Christmas that she will look back on when she is older.

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I’ll be honest, Christmas in the past few years has lost its magic for me. I was focusing too much energy on the wrong parts of the holiday season and letting it stress me out. Having a child has definitely restored that magic for me though! It’s like I’m seeing everything for the first time through her eyes. I love watching the excitement on her face when she experiences something new like Christmas lights and snow! It is really one of the best parts of parenting. I fully intend to make the most of the holiday season and I hope to inspire you to do the same!

I will be sharing our adventures on my Instagram here as we check things off of our list. I included a PDF for you to download so you can follow along too! Make sure to tag me in all of your holiday fun! Check out my Christmas Spotify Playlists here and here.

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