My Go-To Vegan Breakfasts

I’m a working mom with a 17 month old so as you can imagine, meal time is not always easy. It’s hard to make elaborate meals while you are tripping over two dogs that love to help in the kitchen and a toddler that gets into EVERYTHING. In the mornings I have to get myself and my daughter out the door and by now you should know that I am not a morning person. So when it comes to breakfast it needs to have the following requirements: quick, easy, delicious and of course nutrient dense! I put together a list of my favorite go-to meals to share with you below.

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This yogurt bowl has coconut yogurt topped with bananas, strawberries, red raspberries, blueberries, mango, and vanilla almond granola.

This adorable bowl and spoon is from Coconut Bowls. To grab one for yourself use my link and code for a discount! Use code KATRINA10

One of my absolute favorite breakfasts is a vegan yogurt (usually coconut yogurt) topped with a variety of fruit and granola! You can get so creative with your toppings to really load up on nutrients. Add things like nuts and seeds and even spices! You could even mix in a protein powder if you wanted an extra boost.

Bagel with Fruit

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the healthiest option, but it is quick and delicious! Everything bagels with a vegan cream cheese from brands like daiya or tofutti is one of my favorite breakfasts for days I’m really running behind. I like to have a side of fruit with mine like peaches, apples, berries or mango!

Avocado Toast with Fruit

Who doesn’t love this one? Avocado toast is one of the greatest combinations EVER! When I was pregnant with Lilly I had a lot of food aversions and this was one of them. Those were some dark times. LOL. Thankfully I am back to eating this combo at least once a week! I just mash an avocado up onto toast, and sprinkle on some salt, pepper, and some hemp seeds. If I’m lucky I may even get to eat a bite before Lilly steals it all. Avocado is easily her favorite food. Again I pair this with some fruit. Sprinkle on some dulse granules for your daily iodine!


A really quick and easy way to get a lot of nutrients in the morning is to mix up a smoothie. There are endless possibilities! I like to use a vegan milk (like my homemade oat milk recipe found here), a protein powder, lots of fruit (fresh and frozen), some veggies that I either juice first or throw in whole, blackstrap molasses (for iron and B12) and nuts and seeds. My favorite seeds for smoothies are chia, hemp, flax and pumpkin! You can get so creative here and kids love to share. They won’t even notice all the good stuff hiding behind the flavor of the fruit. I’d call that a mom win!


These are pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips on top!

One of my favorite weekend meals is pancakes. I’m not sure if this one counts because technically Calvin makes these. I can NOT master pancakes. Calvin says it’s because I don’t measure anything, like ever, and he’s probably right. Either way this is his time to shine and my time to sit back, relax and enjoy this fun comfort food! I like to add almond butter, chocolate chips, blueberries, cinnamon, pumpkin or bananas to mine, but again you can get so creative with pancakes. There are tons of recipes for healthier versions too. This is another one you can add protein powder too.

Tofu Scramble

This tofu scramble has chickpeas, kale, tomatoes, potatoes, tofu, onion, turmeric, garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, curry powder, black salt, dulse granules, toffuti sour cream, daiya cheese and nutritional yeast. I also cook it in a vegetable broth. (Find my recipe for veggie scrap broth here.)

I love making tofu scramble as a meal prep for the week! You can load it up with lots of spices and veggies and it will last for days. You can make a breakfast wrap with it, top it on toast or eat it as is. I love to add kale to mine, Calvin not so much. Some of my favorite things to put in mine are broccoli, cauliflowers, potatoes, peppers, onion, black beans or chickpeas and tomatoes. Also LOTS of spices like turmeric for its anti – inflammatory properties, paprika, curry powder, garlic powder, cayenne and more. This is one is perfect for using up left over veggies!

You can find my tofu scramble recipe here.

Oatmeal/Overnight Oats

For this oatmeal I put oats on the stove with some homemade oat milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple almond butter and stirred in some chopped apples and it heated. I then topped it with more apples, cinnamon, crushed walnuts and maple syrup.

Oatmeal and overnight oats are great for a quick meal when you want something that will leave you feeling full longer. You can mix this up with protein powder, fruit, granola, nuts and seeds and so much more! The overnight oats are perfect for throwing in your bag on the way out the door. You can even add oats to your smoothies to make them more filling.

Check out my apple cinnamon oatmeal recipe here. It’s perfect for chilly fall mornings!

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Thanks for stopping by! Let me know in the comments what your favorite go-to breakfast is! Connect with me on Instagram.

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  1. this was really helpful!! you had me at those pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes ?? I love tofu scramble too!! It is so good with spinach and hot sauce ?

    1. Thank you for reading! I’ve never tried hot sauce but I do love to add spinach and kale. And omg the pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes were so good, you should definitely try them!

  2. you must try the hot sauce, cholulas is amazing! and I’ll definitely try the pancakes ? I’m a chocolate addict??

    1. I definitely will! And please let me kow how you like them ? I was never that big of a chocolate person until I had my daughter and now I can’t get enough of it haha

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